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By Thomas G. Faiver DDS PC
February 20, 2020
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When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

If you have damaged teeth, you know how hard it can be to show off your smile. And not only can cracked, chipped or worn down teeth make you self conscious, they can also be uncomfortable, making biting, chewing and even brushing painful or difficult.

One solution to flawed teeth is the application of dental crowns, an effective and attractive option available from Dr. Thomas G. Naiver in East Lansing. Here is what you should know about dental crowns and what they can do for you.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is essentially a cap for your damaged tooth which covers imperfections. A crown may be fashioned from resin, porcelain or a ceramic material and will be custom designed to fit securely and comfortably over your tooth.

How do I know if I need a dental crown?

At our office in East Lansing, your dentist may advise a crown if you have any of the following:

  • A misshapen tooth
  • A tooth with cracks or chips
  • A tooth that has been worn down
  • A tooth that is severely yellowed or gray in hue
  • A tooth with a cavity which can't be properly treated
  • A tooth with a protrusion or jagged surface

What are the advantages of a dental crown?

With a dental crown, you will have full function of your tooth again. Eating, chewing, brushing and flossing will be easier, and you may find your oral structure is improved.

From an appearance standpoint, a dental crown is both natural-looking and attractive, restoring your smile to its best.

How is a dental crown placed?

At our office in East Lansing, your dentist will begin by numbing your tooth and gum area so you stay comfortable as he prepares the surface of the tooth receiving the crown. This creates a porous surface so the crown can securely attach.

Your dentist will then take an impression of your tooth, using either a digital scanner or by hand with a putty-like material. You will be provided with a temporary crown at our East Lansing office while your implant is being created.

During your next appointment, your dentist will use a permanent adhesive to attach the crown. Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure you can bite properly.

If you are considering dental crowns, make an appointment with our East Lansing dentist Dr. Thomas Faiver by calling 517-351-7222.