What Happens During a Veneer Procedure?
By Thomas G. Faiver DDS PC FAGD
May 28, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Veneers  

Dental Veneers If you’ve never had restorative work performed at a dentist’s office, you might be wondering how it works. What happens when you get veneers? How long does it take for the dentist to complete this procedure? Is there anything that a patient should know before and after the dentist appointment? Here are some answers to common questions that patients have about getting veneers at the East Lansing MI office of Dr. Thomas G. Faiver.

Before Getting Veneers
Before you can get dental veneers, your dentist must thoroughly check your dental health and ensure that your teeth are strong enough to successfully support veneers. You’ll have to get a set of x-rays, a visual exam and possibly a dental cleaning before getting cleared for his procedure. Your dentist will advise you on how many veneers you will need to achieve your desired look. Your dentist will also go over other options that you have for fixing your dental concern, such as braces or a crown, so that you can make an informed decision.

The Preparation Appointment
Once you are cleared for veneers by your East Lansing MI dentist, the first step is to prepare each tooth in the treatment plan. The dentist must remove a small amount of tooth material so that the veneer (usually made of porcelain) will bond securely to the surface. After the tooth is properly prepared, the dentist takes an impression of each tooth so that permanent veneers can be fabricated by a lab technician.

The Bonding Appointment
The next and final appointment that you’ll attend is to install your permanent veneers. The dentist uses a professional-grade dental cement to bond each wafer-thin veneer to the tooth’s surface. A curing light hardens and secures the bond. After a bit of sculpting and polishing, you’re ready to see your new smile.

After Getting Veneers
It’s a smart idea to schedule a checkup appointment with your East Lansing MI dentist several weeks after getting veneers. After that, with good care you can expect to have your new smile for 10 years or longer. Maintain good at-home habits (brushing and flossing) and schedule biannual checkup appointments.

Get Started with Dr. Faiver
The process of getting new veneers is really very simple once you get started. Call Dr. Faiver today at (517) 351-7222 to schedule an initial consultation and get the process going. He has been serving the East Lansing MI area with exceptional dental care for over 30 years.