Signs That You May Need Root Canal Treatment
By Thomas G. Faiver DDS PC
September 25, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Do you know the signs that might mean you need a root canal? The therapy, offered by your East Lansing, MI, dentist, Dr. Thomas Faiver, can help you prevent the loss of a tooth.

These signs and symptoms may occur if you need a root canal

Root canals are performed when you have an infection or inflammation in your tooth pulp. Located in the center of your tooth, pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue. Although it's normally well protected, an infection or inflammation can occur due to tooth decay or an injury.

Pain is a common root canal symptom. It can become severe as the inflammation or infection progresses, but might be mild or intermittent at first.

Does your tooth hurt when you eat? Chewing, or any pressure placed on your tooth, can irritate your inflamed or infected pulp, causing an increase in pain. Pain may also worsen if you eat or drink hot, cold or sugary foods or beverages. Your tooth may hurt as long as 30 minutes after you finish your meal.

An inflammation or infection can cause changes in the appearance of your tooth or the gum surrounding it. You may notice that your tooth has darkened or that your gum looks red or swollen.

Because pain in a tooth can occur for several reasons, it's important to make an appointment with your East Lansing dentist if you experience a toothache.

Root canal therapy is essential if you have an abscess. The bacterial infection is not only painful but can affect your health if it spreads. Fortunately, a root canal and antibiotic therapy will protect your tooth and your health.

A severe, throbbing pain is a common symptom if you have an abscess. You may also feel unwell and notice that you have a fever. Other abscess symptoms include facial swelling, swollen lymph nodes and pus or a small bump on the gum.

Protect your smile with root canal therapy. Call your East Lansing, MI, dentist, Dr. Thomas Faiver, at (517) 351-7222 to schedule your appointment.