How Does Invisalign Work?
By Dr. Faiver
February 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how these clear aligners can get you a straighter, more perfect smile.

When it comes to braces, you have a lot of choices. If you are ready to fix crooked teeth, overcrowding, gaps between teeth or common invisalignmalocclusions, it’s time to talk to your East Lansing, MI dentist, Dr. Thomas Faiver, about Invisalign and whether it’s the right treatment option for you.

First Step

As with any dental procedure or treatment, you will need to see your cosmetic dentist in East Lansing to make sure you are an ideal candidate. This visit will involve a thorough physical exam, imaging tests and discussing your treatment goals to make sure Invisalign is the right option for you. Remember this, Invisalign is only recommended for adults and older teens, and is not right for children.

Second Step

Once we deem you an ideal candidate, we will take impressions of your teeth. Those will be sent to an Invisalign lab with detailed instructions on how the teeth should be moved throughout your entire treatment process. We will create your treatment plan to determine how teeth will be shifted by each set of aligners. It will take a few weeks after dental impressions are taken before you get your Invisalign aligners.

Third Step

How Invisalign works is by wearing your custom-made clear aligners for about two weeks at a time. Each tray is specially designed to shift certain teeth a designated amount to achieve your ultimate smile goals. The trays will put slight pressure on your teeth to help move them carefully and gently. You will need to wear your aligners at least 20 hours out of the day. The only time you will need to remove your trays is to eat, drink (anything other than water), brush and floss.

Fourth Step

Once you’ve finished wearing your last set of aligners, congratulations! You are now able to enjoy your beautiful new smile. Of course we will often recommend wearing a clear, plastic retainer over your teeth for several months after your Invisalign treatment to maintain your smile’s new shape and to prevent teeth from shifting back into their original, pre-Invisalign position.

Ready to find out more about Invisalign and how it can help improve your smile? Then it’s time to call our East Lansing, MI dental office to schedule an orthodontic consultation. Let’s get you a smile to be proud of.